Adriano & Rossi - Studio Legale Associato


The firm mainly works with businesses and companies from within the region, taking care for them of the various civil, commercial, administrative and also criminal issues.

In order to operate throughout Italy, over time the firm has established a dense network of corresponding lawyers required to manage the activities of credit control and recovery within established and rapid deadlines. This structure has allowed the professional association to become, in this area, the trustee of numerous high-profile businesses and companies,  including at a national level. During the performance of such credit recovery activity, the law firm utilises platforms and computer systems which, on the one hand, allow rapid management of the case by the courts and, on the other, also facilitate, from a logistical point of view, the activity of the administrative/legal offices of the clients, which are able to electronically share documents with the law firm (also providing them with digital signatures). The overriding objective is to be as quick as possible when recovering credit: once instructed, the law firm is always able to act within a few hours. In carrying out its assignments, the law firm values its ability to achieve positive results for its clients. With this perspective in mind, the adequacy of the legal action which may be carried out is always assessed – including in terms of costs/benefits – in order to protect the interests of their clients, as well as the possibility of reaching out-of-court agreements to avoid judicial litigation. We are always committed to finding alternative solutions to any dispute in order to get the maximum benefit in terms of both finances and time for the client. The concrete results obtained constitutes, for us, a fundamental criterion in the assessment of the remittance for the work carried out by the professionals within the law firm, which must of course always remain proportionate.

The structures we have in place enable us also to meet strict reporting criteria, providing timely updates in relation to our assignments. Aware of the importance of this, we are available to agree with our customers modalities for the exchange of information (dedicated e-mail addresses, distribution lists, use of I.T. portals, etc.) which allow for the further optimisation of costs and better quality of communication: our commitment is to carry out assignments in a timely manner and in compliance with our instructions.