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Family Law

Family is the backbone of everyone's life. For this reason, the firm has always been at the side of its clients to advise and assist them in relation to family problems, including those related to the end of a marital relationship (separation and divorce, both consensual and judicial) or to partnership under Cirinnà Law No. 76/2016, such as, for example, appeals under articles 316, paragraph 4 and 337 bis c.c. for the adoption of measures concerning children born to unmarried couples. In these situations, various aspects need to be taken into account: measures concerning the children in order to ensure their ensure their psycho-physical well-being, measures concerning their maintenance, any marital allowance and provisions regarding existing common properties and the family businesses of spouses who have chosen to separate. The professional staff within the firm are available to assist their clients and to advise them in relation to such important choices which impact both upon them and their families, ensuring the respect for rights and, as far as possible, promoting a peaceful and tranquil environment.