Adriano & Rossi - Studio Legale Associato

Civil, Banking and Bankruptcy Law

The law firm specialises in legal services in civil matters, with a particular focus on business and banking advisory services: leases, mortgages, bank accounts, credit facilities, guarantees and deposits. There are numerous issues that the firm deals with on behalf of our clients: compound interest, usury, interest, overdraft fees, reports from Bank of Italy’s Central Credit Register, burden of proof, debit/credit balance recalculations, problems concerning payments (through wire transfers, bank cheques and banker’s drafts), appeals to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman, foreclosure, etc. The consolidated banking law (Leg. Dec. 385/1993), the legislative decree on payment services within the internal market (Leg. Dec. 11/2010), the Bank of Italy’s regulatory provisions and the Interdepartmental Committee for Credit and Savings (CICR) for banks as well as banking and financial brokers, and usual bank contracts under the civil code are the main regulations with which the firm deals on a daily basis within these areas. Also in relation to the civil sector, the firm also takes care of the drafting and checking contracts for banks, businesses and individuals, so as to achievement settlement agreements that are beneficial to the client.

Additionally, in relation to the civil sector, the firm also supports its clients with property rights protection, with particular emphasis on actions taken to protect possessions and rights, both real (such as easements and usufruct) and personal obligations (rental agreements and leases, evictions and injunctions for the release of illegally occupied property). We are also very proud of our wide expertise in the field of urban planning and construction. The firm also deals with the preservation of property, with particular reference to any breaches on the part of the owners of neighbouring plots, of legal measurements as well as of urban/municipal building regulatory provisions.

In the commercial field, the firm provides assistance to individuals and companies in the procurement of construction and plant works, as well as any related litigation regarding the correct execution of such work.

Lawyer Emanuele Rossi also specialised in insolvency procedures, thanks to the expertise gained in the Turin law firms in which he worked. Ordinary revocatory actions and bankruptcy, complaints against bankruptcy declaratory judgments, challenges to statements of liability, compositions with creditors and bankruptcy agreements, guardianship civil actions and credit recovery activities on behalf of bankruptcies form the core of the activities he has undertaken in this field.